Montag, 14. März 2016

Event-Tipp: Unconquered Darkness Fest 2016

This time I have a very special event recommendation for you. So special that I decided to write this article in English so every morbid worshiper will understand this message. During the days of Beltane darkness will rise above the city of Dublin and bring us a selection of the finest underground occult extreme metal bands. The legendary Voodoo lounge in the capital of Ireland will be the place to be for the European underground scene. Get ready for Unconquered Darkness Fest 2016.
More than 20 bands from all over Europe and even over-seas will rage over
three days in the heart of this mystic island. This menacing procession of death is led by Bands like MORPHEUS DESCENDS, ADVERSARIAL, LVCYFIRE, CORPRESSED, KRYPTS, the mighty LANTERN and many more. The billing units a massive force of Black, Death and obscure Doom Metal. If you have ever been to Killtown Deathfest or Heavy Days im Doomtown you will know what you have to expect from this celebration of the morbid ways. Every gig will be a black mass hailing the true spirit of heavy rotten music and the crowd will be a gathering of international maniacs that despise posers and are deeply rooted in the extreme metal scene. 
There is no better time than the Walpurgis nights and no better place than a city that is connected to so many mythology and legends.
So stop hesitating and get your ticket now for just 50 Euro at Invictus Productions and Dark Descent
The days between 29th April and 2nd May in Dublin belongs to the masters of death.


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